Hepatitis Awareness Month Webinar Series, Part 1

May 01, 2018  12:00 PM  EST

Learn national trends and changes in HCV infection rates and their relationship to the opioid epidemic. Participants will examine data as it relates to HCV rates, testing, and treatment in the era of the opioid epidemic, including gaps in what UDS data and CDC guidelines say about HCV, with the expertise of the Director of Preventive Services from the Iowa Primary Care Association. A representative from the PHMC Care Clinic in Philadelphia discusses successes and challenges in optimizing HCV programming at health centers.


  • Chris Taylor, Senior Director, Hepatitis, NASTAD
  • Julie Baker, MPA, CHCEF, Director of Preventive Services, Iowa Primary Care Association
  • Katie Huynh, MS, PA-C, AAHIV-S, PHMC Care Clinic

This webinar is Part 1 of a three-part Hepatitis Awareness Month 2018 Webinar Series. Watch the other webinars in this series here:

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