Nurse-Led Care Conference 2018 Agenda

Sep 05, 2018

Below is the agenda for the Nurse-Led Care Conference 2018. Use the promo code: NURSE-LED CARE to receive a discount at checkout.

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Day 1 (October 16)

Pre-Conference Workshops

  • Keys to Quality Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN members only)
  • Care Team Formation
  • Policy 101


Day 2 (October 17)


  • Disruptive Innovation

Plenary 1

  • Workforce Panel Discussion

Breakout Sessions 1

  • Joy in Work
  • The Integration of Mental Health in a Community-Based Service Learning Program
  • Nurse Family Partnership in Rural Appalachia
  • Nurse-Led Integration of Two Evidence-Based Home Visiting Models: Implications for Nurse Recruitment & Satisfaction

Plenary 2

  • Defining Value and Measuring Impact

Breakout Sessions 2

  • Nurse-Led Program Brings the Innovation of Telemedicine to Urban Washington, DC
  • Disruptive Innovation: Nurses Leading Change to Improve the Culture of Health
  • Estimation and Comparison of the Market Value of Highly Subsidized Care at Two Nurse-Led Clinics
  • Can a New Nurse Managed Health Center in Camden, New Jersey, Impact Diabetes Care Compared to Other Locally Federally Qualified Health Centers?
  • Patient Empowerment for Diabetes and Hypertension

Breakout Sessions 3

  • PCMHs and Medicare: What is Holding NMHCs Back?
  • Upstream Nursing in Action: Tools for Environmental Advocacy
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration with Legal Aid Attorneys Improves Public Health Nurses’ Self-Reported Job Satisfaction and Client Outcomes
  • Screening for Trauma Through Technology and Body Art
  • Beyond Quality Outcomes: Implementing Strategies for Sustainability

Networking Reception


Day 3 (October 18)

Opening Remarks

  • A Purpose-Driven Profession

Plenary 3

  • Embracing Integrated Health Solutions

Breakout Sessions 4

  • NP Value in Value-Based Care
  • A Detailed Review of Systems: The Backbone of Practice
  • Use of a Multisensory Relaxation Room to Decrease Agitation on a Geriatric Psychiatric Unit
  • The Impact of a Palliative Care Fellowship on Nurses’ Knowledge and Comfort
  • Strengths and Opportunities to Increase Health Centers' Capacity to Respond to a Public Health Emergency

Optional Lunch & Networking