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Date Title Category
Jun 17, 2017 Live Chat with the American Cancer Society Public Housing
Apr 11, 2017 Enhancing Health Center & Housing Authority Partnerships with AmeriCorps VISTA Public Housing
Sep 12, 2018 Clinician Endorsement in Patient Activation in Health Management NP Support & Alignment Network
Mar 29, 2017 Innovative Strategies to Increase Screening of Children for Lead Poisoning Environmental Health
Nov 01, 2017 Building Capacity for Social Determinants of Health Programming at FQHCs Technical Assistance
Apr 11, 2018 Report Back on Outcomes of Analysis HCV/HIV Programming
Mar 28, 2018 Exploring the Cost of Changes in Practice HCV/HIV Programming
Mar 07, 2018 Why Support HCV Programming at Community Health Centers? HCV/HIV Programming
Jun 26, 2018 Health of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders in Health Centers Public Housing
Jan 09, 2018 Counting Public Housing on the 2017 UDS Report Public Housing
Jan 09, 2018 Counting Public Housing on the 2017 UDS Report Public Housing
Jul 25, 2018 Women & Heart Disease: An Evidence-Based Update NP Support & Alignment Network
Aug 22, 2018 Pathophysiology and Treatment of Opioid-Induced Nausea NP Support & Alignment Network
Aug 08, 2018 NP Compensation and Value with CMS Change Tactics NP Support & Alignment Network
Jul 11, 2018 Poorly Controlled Diabetes: A Complex Disease State NP Support & Alignment Network
Jun 28, 2018 Health Center Expansion Opportunities & Community Needs Public Housing
Jun 27, 2018 Supporting Smoke-Free Public Housing in Health Centers Public Housing
Apr 27, 2017 Legal Issues Impacting Health Care for Patients who are Residents of Public Housing Public Housing
Jun 27, 2017 Support Patient Smoking Cessation Using the Five Senses Public Housing
Jun 20, 2018 The Role of Scribes & Legal Implications for NPs NP Support & Alignment Network
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